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Midhurst Vision workshops facilitated by Malcolm Allan from Bloom Consulting


Since 2 September 2019, a series of workshops, attended by key stakeholders from around the town, have been analysing the information gathered from the 770 completed Midhurst Vision survey forms.

Facilitated by place-making expert Malcolm Allan, the workshops  have been focused on creating a statement that will describe what Midhurst will be like in 2029.

The Midhurst Vision statement, when agreed by the Midhurst Vision Steering Group and the people of Midhurst, will drive the Vision process forward to make Midhurst an even better place to live in, work in and visit.

The background information below, gives you a flavour of the challenges facing town centres in 2019. It also shows you the work that took place around a decade ago, when the first Midhurst Vision was created.


Latest from the workshops

Over the course of four sessions, the Midhurst Vision workshop programme has created a body of information that shows all the elements that have gone into creating a draft Statement for Midhurst Vision.

What happened in the workshops? Have a look at these documents:


Background information