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Results of the Midhurst Vision survey

The results from the survey revealed that a large proportion of those questioned, some 40.6%, had a positive overall impression of Midhurst, whilst relatively few, just 7.0%, reported having a negative overall impression. Another 25.9% of respondents selected the second highest possible rating. Taken together this would suggest that 2/3 of respondents to the survey had a good impression of the town.

Want to know more? We’ve done the analysis and you can read the response trends in full….

Download our analysis here >>


What three words describe Midhurst?

Here are just some of the ones our respondents picked!

The draft Midhurst Vision Statement

Since 2 September, 2019, a team of local stakeholders (residents, business people, Councillors and others) have been analysing data from the 770 completed Midhurst Vision surveys. In a series of workshops, facilitated by Bloom Consulting , the analysed data has been used to begin shaping the Midhurst Vision Statement.

The Midhurst Vision Statement will be a powerful paragraph that propels the Vision forward. Currently existing in draft form, and being refined for maximum impact and effectiveness, the Midhurst Vision Statement will be revealed to the public in early 2020.

You will be able to comment on the Statement via this website.