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About us

We have the power to shape the future.

That’s what town visions are all about – creating a better future for a place to live in/work in/or visit.

Local people, groups and businesses are brought together to imagine their town in several years and create a route map to make it happen.
Midhurst Vision was instigated by Chichester District Council working with Midhurst Town Council, Midhurst Town Team CIC and many other stakeholders.

Midhurst Vision is co-ordinated by the Midhurst Vision Steering Group, consisting of local partners from business, local authorities and the community and voluntary sector.

The Vision process has so far been funded by Chichester District Council, Cowdray Estate, Midhurst Town Team CIC, Visit Midhurst and Midhurst Town Council.

Midhurst Vision is evolving, encouraging collaboration and a spirit of can-do.

There are many opportunities to get take part, subscribe now for updates. 

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